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Dec 29, 2019

Who's here? I'm here. Ron's here, and this week he wants to show you folks his nightstick. In a special listener recommendation episode, the gang has a grande ol' time with a 1980 William Friedkin film starring Al Pacino. So bring your sense of humor, and maybe a yellow handkerchief for good measure.


Dec 15, 2019

Hold on to that holiday cheer, because this week there's going to be a lot of old shriveled-up things flopping in the cold Finnish wind when Ron takes you back to where Christmas got its start: at a reindeer slaughterhouse!


Dec 1, 2019

Here's Rohnny! Who's ready for a sequel 30 years after the original came out? Well, you're in luck! This week, Ron went to see Doctor Sleep, starring Obi Wan Kenobi and Rebecca Ferguson in a hat. Now who's ready for 2.5 hours of lore expansion? You're in luck again, Doc! Do you know how I knew your name was 'Doc'?