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Dec 25, 2018

One Christmas, two brothers, and a whole lotta blow. Join us in celebrating a holiday classic that'll make your eyes water.


Dec 9, 2018

Ron keeps it simple this week with an "out of this world" spoof of a sci-fi classic, starring a penis shuttle and some horny robots. Find us on Facebook and Twitter @MoviesWithRon


Nov 18, 2018

Holy jumped-up baldheaded Jesus palomino! Have we got a side-splitter for you folks. Ron brings Silver Bullet (1985) back to life, Chris feels like a virgin on prom night, and Candy's walking around in all these new clothes showing off her Werewolf Report Card, like no one's ever played Werewolf Report Card before.


Oct 28, 2018

Happy Halloween everybody! We've got The Evil Dead for you this week and, out of fear or hilarity, bring some fresh underwear; you're gonna need it.


Oct 7, 2018

The gang kicks off the Halloween spirit with Leprechaun, starring Willow and Rachel, about a little green bastard with buckles on his shoes and his passion for gold... and polishing.